Donttoleame – Epizod 121

Donttoleame – Epizod 121

On the other hand, Cengiz heart can’t take it anymore when he learns what Arzu is hiding from him. The bus that Sıla takes to go to Istanbul crashes. Tarık ends up in the hospital, but he cannot find Sıla neither on the injured list nor in the hospital. Tarik finally gets the news of Sıla’s death. The love of Sıla and Tarık ends before it can begin.

In the series Don’t Let Me Go, Sıla and Tarık’s love will warm us up again, and Sıla saw Tarık and Meltem very sincere. In the face of this situation, Sıla, who thought that Tarık immediately deleted herself and replaced her with her ex-lover Meltem, gathered herself and left both the school and Ankara. The good thing is that Tarik learned what happened.

When Tarık learned that Sıla had come and gone, he realized that Sıla might have had fits of jealousy. Tarık will want to talk to Sıla, but he will not be able to find Sıla at home or in the dormitory. Tarık will dwell on the possibility that Sıla may have returned to his village. Will Tarik be able to find Sıla and bring him back to Ankara?


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