HearrtWound – Epizoda 21

HearrtWound – Epizoda 21

When they return to the mansion, Ayşe gets scolded from Leman and Azade. Ferit asks Ayşe what were you doing in Yaman’s car. He says what were you doing with it, you were bottom and bottom or something. Ayşe cannot answer the questions why Ferit is not waiting for Müge at the hospital and where she is. Ferit gets angry and goes to his old house. Ayşe goes after him. Without speaking, She realizes that the person Ferit saw kissing Hande is Yaman, whom she calls her brother. As Ferit’s anger turns to sadness, Ayşe comforts him and kisses him and promises that he will never betray him. Hande sees the two of them kissing and hugging.

Hande is very upset when she sees Ayşe and Ferit kissing and hugging at the summer house. He gives up at the last moment to set fire to the house where he poured gasoline. He tries to reach Baha, but the man who encounters Ayşe’s harsh reaction does not pick up the phone. This time, Hande asks someone to find Baha’i. Baha, on the other hand, comes to the mansion and returns some of the money he gave to Ayşe and tells Ferit that he has quit his job. He makes a deal with someone and gives money to go abroad illegally.
Adnan Bey confronts Yaman about Ferit and Hande. When they hear that Yaman is going to marry Betül, they go to Azade and Hande’s house and ask for their daughter Yaman. Hüseyin’s father’s business is not going well and he is looking for creditors. Yaman witnesses these and makes plans.


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