Donttoleame – PROMO 2 – Epizod 121

Donttoleame – PROMO 2 – Epizod 121

Tarık and Sıla, on the other hand, start preparations at full speed to fully fulfill the already existing marriage between them. First of all, a new wedding will be arranged for. Tarık’s family, who does not know about this marriage; However, when. Seher learns some facts, it will completely change the balance in the love of Tarık and Sıla.

The plans that Esin and Bora will make together will drag the affection for Emre and. Zeynep into the chasm once more, yet regardless, Zeynep needs to get the assent of their families while beginning a relationship with Emre. In the event that. Zeynep doesn’t believe her mom should proceed with their affection with. Emre without persuading her, she will have committed an error. A mother is the best help of an individual in the most troublesome times. More troublesome days anticipate Zeynep.

Seher actually gets back from the town learning numerous new things. Seher actually says that Tarık didn’t really fall head over heels for. Sıla when he was hitched. Despite the fact that he comprehends that. Tarık’s primary reason while getting, hitched was to save Sıla, presently. Tarık is enamored with Sıla. While Sıla and Tarık keep on living their adoration, Meltem makes a move to truly kill Sıla, whom she learns is alive. Meltem can never again stand Sıla any longer.


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