Donttoleame – Epizod 109

Donttoleame – Epizod 109

Tarık is nearly crushed when the legally binding notes come to him, yet to stand upstanding, he tells. Sıla that we will separate from in the main meeting, you will dispose of me, yet Sıla’s point isn’t to separate from Tarık, yet to win her back.

Sıla has zero desire to abandon Tarık. Sıla will hang tight for the proper time and tell. Tarık individually the way that Meltem put out snares for her. Meltem, then again, will make another arrangement to forestall Sıla and make her unfit to talk? Can Meltem stop Sıla? Will Tarik pay attention to Sıla?

Upon Hülya’s complaint, the police come to Cengiz Sayar. Even though. Cengiz says that there is a misunderstanding, the police take. Cengiz to the police station, saying there is a complaint. Cengiz finally learns about the slanders and what happened to Zeynep. As much as Arzu wants to hide it, Cengiz has learned everything in the end. Cengiz’s learning of everything will actually bring the end of both Arzu and Esin. After what Cengiz learns, the Sayar family will be shaken to its foundations and Cengiz will no longer trust Arzu.


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