HearrtWound – Epizoda 8

HearrtWound – Epizoda 8

Ferit takes Ayşe, whom Hande unintentionally hits, to the emergency clinic. The projectile that hit Ayşe touched her shoulder. Ferit is stressed over him. Because of what Hande did, the police take her to the police headquarters.

Adnan Bey goes through that evening in authority since he has griped about Hande. Both her folks and Azade Hanım are stressed over Hande. Be that as it may, when the kind Ayşe leaves the clinic and doesn’t say anything negative about Hande at the police headquarters, the lady is delivered. The ropes are tense between Adnan Bey and Azade.
Hande apologizes to Ferit and asks her dad not to abandon the inn development to be finished with Sancakzades. Indeed, even her dad moves the business to his girl. Azade makes his oldest child Sinan the senior supervisor to rebuff his more youthful child and spouse who opposed him.

Saying that he will apologize, Hande meets with Ayşe and scares the young lady once more. Azade likewise offers cash to Ayşe first. At the point when the young lady denies, she blows up and tosses her garments in the garbage. Luckily, Ayşe notification and takes her garments from the waste vehicle, carries them to the house, washes them and hangs them.


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