HearrtWound – Epizoda 9

HearrtWound – Epizoda 9

Yaman, then again, began with Ihsan; It helps in sneaking the gold set in the merchandise coming from abroad. At the point when the state of. Yaman’s dad, the man of the hour, deteriorates, he is taken to the clinic. Adnan Bey put his maid on his head with the goal that the man wouldn’t talk, disallows admission to escalated care. As per what we comprehend from the discussions, Yaman. Adnan is the child of the cerebrum and he is attempting to conceal it from everybody. While passing on, Seyis tells Yaman, “You are siblings with Ferit”, yet the kid doesn’t figure out this. The lucky man kicks the bucket.

While Sinan’s little girl. Müge is showing up at the party with her companions, she can’t go on the grounds that. Azade didn’t leave her despite the fact that her folks permitted her. At the point when. Ayşe, who can’t get up toward the beginning of the day since she became ill around evening time, tells pizza from outside, and. Müge eats pizza with him interestingly, Azade comes there and helps her to remember the laws of the manor. While doing this, he tosses the carnation that Ayşe brought from Istanbul and breaks its vase.


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