HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 40

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 40

Ayşe accuses. Ferit of not speaking to the lawyer who wrote the word “fiancee” in. Baha’s defense and of not having the pictures of their engagement examined. When he spoke to. Ferit Baha’s lawyer, he said that he had them testify that they were, engaged in order to get a reduced sentence. The person who examines the pictures says that they are not real, they are photoshop. Ferit regrets that he does not believe in Ayşe.

İhsan went abroad. He left Vedia alone. They do not say anything so that Adnan does not notice, but the man notices. Vedia is in a difficult situation because of İhsan. Azade tells him to leave the house. Adnan wants him to stay. Vedia stays there for the officials from social services for Zeytin, but. Azade asks her to do the housework. Although. Vedia does not meet her husband’s debt, she sells her house and gives it to Azade.


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