Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 140

Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 140

Substance is dead. Regardless of the overall huge number of interventions. Esin, who couldn’t be saved, will at last go under the ground with her bad behaviors. The new knowledge about. Esin’s passing changed all of the harmonies. Despite the way that. Bora needs to save. Esin by sending a man to the police as an examiner instead of. Hülya, Hülya concedes her bad behavior and prepares to surrender to the police. Regardless of the way that Hülya saves her young lady. Zeynep from the trouble of inspiration. Zeynep is as of now alone in this enormous and terrible world. Hülya won’t ever from now on go with her daughter as her mother. Hülya accepts that she has something, essential to bring, care of before she goes to jail to help her young lady Zeynep. This occupation is to join father and young lady, whose baffling he has let it be for a seriously lengthy timespan.

Before. Hülya finally passive consent to the police, she intends to admit to. Vedat the puzzling that he is. Zeynep’s father. Despite all of their undertakings. Emre and Bora couldn’t keep Esin alive. Zeynep, of course, takes action to hold her mother, back from going to jail and rot in prison for quite a while because of her. Might Zeynep at any point save her mother? What is. Zeynep’s plan? Esin really dead is too?


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