HearrtWound – PROMO – Part 2 Epizod 56

HearrtWound – PROMO – Part 2 Epizod 56

After Azade, Hüseyin is also arrested

They buy a little house with Ayşe. They paint, outfit and settle down merrily and smoothly. Ayşe doesn’t reprimand Azade for her soul mate’s internal concordance and takes out her claim.

Ensuing to hearing that. Hande Yaman is the offspring of. Adnan’s psyche and that he was orchestrating retaliation, around the completion of the last episode, everyone reported that he turned out to be horrendously fascinated with Yaman. This affirmation of her harms among Yaman and Betül. Betül encourages Hande to stay away from her life partner. Exactly when. Adnan examines his will on. Betül Yaman’s phone, she finds that her soul mate is her kid and understands the defense behind her retribution plan.

While. Ferit is investigating the murder of. Baha by his own means, he shows up at one people in the video, yet the man doesn’t stand up of fear. Exactly when Hande comprehends that. Ferit is at this point looking at the crime and can reach her father, she acts early and goes to the police base camp. He tells the Justice that he understands his father was the miscreant in. Baha’s murder and will be a secret observer. Right away, the police catch. Hüseyin Varoğlu around the completion of the episode and eliminate him.

Ultimately, Hüseyin. Varoğlu is caught and eliminated.

Mirza slips into the Pasha Heart Bistro and cleans the area. Then, at that point, he calls Ferit and tells him that he really wants to buy the bistro. In spite of the way that. Ferit would prefer not to sell the bistro, Ayşe, who is pregnant, has changed her necessities. He tells Ferit that they can open a guideline office with the money they will get when they sell the spot. So Mirza takes the bistro. At the same time, he makes a proposition to Ayşe to run the bistro. Ferit speedily declines.

Close to the completion of the episode, Mirza takes Ayşe’s blood tests from a man in the crisis facility. He constantly tells the singular he chats with on the phone that everything is great, the main pressing concern is that. Ayşe is pregnant.


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