Donttoleame – PROMO 2 – Epizod 156

Donttoleame – PROMO 2 – Epizod 156

Emre finally sorted out a brilliant strategy for getting. Zenyep out of prison, yet he couldn’t take. Zeynep to Sayar house. While. Zeynep is creating some distance from prison, Bora is truly centering aside and. Emre is truly zeroing in on the accompanying. Regardless of what how. Zeynep is crushed to embrace. Emre’s neck, he really needs to get in. Bora’s vehicle, not Emre’s.

Emre, clearly, can’t learn about. Zeynep moving with Bora and necessities to take out. Zeynep from Bora, yet both. Bora and. Hülya disappoint this. The woman Emre loved flew not so much for him to worry about. Emre returns to the estate with nothing. Emre, who sorted out for. Zeynep’s appearance in the area, comes alone, and this plan is wasted.

In the. Sayar family, the waters are tenacious. Cengiz conflicts with the way that. Zenyep will get back and the game plans made at. Emre’s sales for. Zeynep’s appearance. Esin, of course, begins to dream of the day when. Zeynep is liberated from prison.

Esin, who is sure that. Emre won’t deceive her, fundamental ought to be careful so as not to uncover what is befalling her embellishment Yeliz. Expecting that he becomes aware of. Yelizsin’s game plan, things will get tangled. Esmer, who breathes in a mumble of help after. Zeynep’s rescue, starts her significant occasion to look for enormous retaliation on Esin. Meltem finally confronts the extreme truth and finds that. Sıla and. Tarık are hitched. Exactly when Meltem sorts out that the man she values, Tarık, has been hitched to a melancholy named. Sıla for quite a while, she goes crazys with shock and has a psychological implosion.


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