HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 62

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 62

Just after Hande and Yaman got together, Betül; searching for her significant other. He says he is going to return home. Hande leaves her bra, particularly in the room, while hurrying out. Betül sees her clothing and the following day she goes to.

Hande’s and gives it to her proprietor before Zümrüt woman Hande and Yaman. Hande talks as though she did it to make her suspect her better half. Nonetheless, when Betül got back ahead of schedule, she saw the couple in bed however claimed not to see them. Betül lets her significant other know that she is familiar with the selling out.

He asked his granddad Mirza, who abducted Ayşe, to have her kidney eliminated. Nonetheless, Mirza discourages the granddad by saying that Ayşe, who has recently emerged from the medical clinic, can’t bear the cost of the medical procedure. His men leave Ayşe oblivious before the manor. Ferit, who is searching for Ayşe, gets back home and attempts to comfort his better half. During the entire episode, Ayşe generally remains away and faults Ferit, who attempts to quiet down and backing Ayşe.


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