Donttoleame – Epizod 162

Donttoleame – Epizod 162

Zeynep and Emre have whether or not. Hülya will come to the henna evenings. Nonetheless, Hülya sees that her still up in the air and doesn’t have any desire to let her girl be on this blissful evening and goes to. Zeynep’s henna. Despite the fact that the air is abruptly merry with the support of Hülya, Esin likewise comes to the henna. Once more when Esin comes to the henna, it cools the environment, however. Arzu faces every one of the challenges and stands before Esin. This time. Arzu won’t take care of her youngsters to Esin. Having gotten the help of. Arzu and Hülya, Zeynep and. Emre say that this satisfaction can’t be obliterated by any power, yet. Bora and. Esin won’t stop.

Henna is available in. Bora regardless of, whether it isn’t taken note. Bora values. Zeynep’s cheerful minutes like a soul. Bora permits the henna to be content, yet Bora won’t ever permit Emre and. Zeynep to get hitched. Bora’s just way out remains, he will kill. Emre and rejoin with Zeynep.


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