HearrtWound – PROMO 2

HearrtWound – PROMO 2

Hande Varoğlu and Ferit Sancakzade are two adolescents who have grown up together since their young life in the new series Heart Wound, what started to be conveyed on ATV screens. They are the posterity of the undeniable gatherings of Antakya, where they live.

Ferit’s mother, Azade, is a common individual who runs the whole family and, shockingly, her ecological elements, and she wants this marriage the most.
Yaman, the offspring of Ferit’s worker, grew up with them, but he encountered a squash since he was a working kid.

He is beguiled by Hande. They even had a short lived relationship in optional school. Right when Yaman is kissing the woman to-be in the pony cover a couple of days before the wedding and.

Hande is answered, Ferit is gotten, and the world falls on the main event to-be. He accumulates his things and goes to Istanbul. He doesn’t answer Hande’s phones. Exactly when he opens it, he says the wedding will not at any point happen.


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