Donttoleame – Epizod 102

Donttoleame – Epizod 102

Tips from Don’t Let Me Go
Emre disposes of the firearms that were terminated on him and goes into a troublesome battle with Bora. The reliable canine Sadık, who will do anything for Bora, watches what is happening. In the mean time, Cansu and Zeynep, who came to the scene to keep. Bora from hurting Emre, are glad to see that nobody! was harmed by the shots, however Bora and. Emre are battling once more. Yet again to top it all off, he is anxious about the possibility that that. Sadık Emre will pound the life out of Bora and shoot his weapon. Because of this shoot, I figure. Zeynep will be shot. Since shooting Cansu would be inane.

Zeynep is in the emergency clinic. From one viewpoint, both Bora and Emre keep on searching for the individual who plays with Zeynep’s honor. Zeynep, then again, still doesn’t accept Emre that he is guiltless. It is as though the jobs of Emre and Zeynep have changed. Emre accepted that. Zeynep was guiltless and presently he is attempting to demonstrate that he didn’t send the messages sent from his own email.

Yet again after the misleading arrangement of Bora, Zeynep perceived how risky a man Bora was. Bora is most certainly not Zeynep’s lifelong companion Bora, whom she knows. While Bora was doing somersaults to look great to. Zeynep, Bora was gotten by Zeynep. Regardless, Zeynep will never again have confidence in Bora’s adoration for that person guiltlessness. Bora currently loses her opportunity to have Zeynep with magnificence.

I think. Vedat and Hülya are two old sweethearts; on the grounds that from their looks when they originally saw one another, I comprehended that there was an affection between them yet they couldn’t meet. Likely, Vedat tracked down Esin in a troublesome time in the wake of leaving. Hülya, in any case Esin isn’t an experience to endure.

Tarık continues pondering what Sıla is doing in. Mehmet’s home and why she says she doesn’t! need him despite! the fact that she is enamored with him. Meltem’s arrangement is working flawlessly this time; Nonetheless, he actually doesn’t have any desire to put stock in Mehmet. Sıla’s affection for Tarık. For what reason might they at any point meet while Tarik and Sıla love one another? Mehmet will do everything so. Sıla won’t be miserable.


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