HearrtWound – Epizoda 48

HearrtWound – Epizoda 48

Ayşe and Ferit come to the manor for supper. Azade and Sinan apologize to them. Hande returns again when they plunk down to eat. Betül and Yaman are behind her. Since adolescence, it has been, forced on him that you will wed. Ferit; He says that Yaman truly cherishes him and goes. At the point when she emerges, Hande swears vengeance. He currently realizes that. Yaman is Adnan’s child since he heard the discussions with Bahtiyar.

At the point when. Azade couldn’t find the usb, which vanished from the review, he asked individuals in the manor. All of a sudden, Ferit accompanies Ayşe and makes sense of that his mom has proof to vindicate his significant other, yet she concealed it. Everybody is amazed. While. Azade is attempting to account for himself, the police come and they take him to the police headquarters and put him in authority without concealing proof. It was Ferit who documented a criminal grievance against Azade.


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