Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 149

Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 149

The chief way out for Esin is to concur with Emre; Notwithstanding, Emre doesn’t move toward a perception and acknowledges this matter should be seen on the harmonies of significant worth. Right when Esin fathoms that she can’t dispose of it, she requests that Bora help her save herself. Esin bestows to Bora, you save me and I will recuperate my contradiction about Zenyep. No matter what the way that Bora invites this plan, Esin is really floating towards a remarkable bet; in light of the fact that Bora is after an arrangement that will both save Zeyneop and give Esin a critical discipline.

Emre, then again, figured out a viable method for getting. Zeyep out. With Zenyep going out, Esin’s suppositions are no more. Exactly when Zeynep goes out, she goes to the arms of Emre, who saved her. After Emre and Zeynep rejoin, they go on with their glow in the prior manner. Bora could oversee without this rapprochement of Emre and Zeynep.


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