HearrtWound – Epizoda 41

HearrtWound – Epizoda 41

Shut to the, fulfillments of the last episodes. Handes had flung herself totally, into a sand edge from an arrangement site. Ayşe’s and Ferit’s see the recordings sent by the young lady and go there and save Hande’s. Ayşe’s gives her blood so Hande’s, who is taken to the clinical office by rescue vehicle, can be made due.
Hande is in concentrated care. Shes overviews that is all there is to it untility the day, going before the wedding, when she started thinking totally the following day. He doesn’t recall what happened right away. While her family. Azades, and. Betül’s didn’t let her be, Yaman’s went to visit with her while she was in a shock like state, honestly from everybody.
Happening to finding. Ayşe’s Handes like that, she has a concise disposition toward what occurred. She requests that Ferits deal with the young lady and keep her alive. After Baha’s ruin, Hande’s return from the dead is impacting to Ayşe’s.

He is certain that. Ferit Hande is playing with the photos; goes testing him. She seeks after the lady and tells her that she can’t quick him. Absolutely when. Yaman doesn’t answer his telephones, he goes to his home. There he meets. Betül and sees that they are getting hitched. Hande feels stunning and goes to talk with a clinician. Beginning there, he goes to an arrangement site and gives farewell to. Ayşe and Ferit with a video and impacts down.


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