Donttoleame – Epizod 141

Donttoleame – Epizod 141

Disregarding the way that. Meltem continues with her game, she is sure that this game will end and Tarık will return to. Sıla’s arms one day. How might. Meltem answer? She shouldn’t lose Tarık’s benefit in himself. Tarık, of course, necessities to enlighten. Meltem family about what came to pass for. Meltem and welcome them to. Ankara to have their young lady with them, but. Cengiz is against this thought.

Vedat, of course, wants to send his life partner. Hülya to imprison before he can get enough of his daughter and mate, whom he tracked down a long time afterward. So how should. Vedat be a father to his two young ladies. Cansu and Zeynep? We will see whether Cansu and. Zeynep will be two kin or two enemies, considering the way that while. Cansu needs to fight back for her mother from. Hülya, Zeynep should defend her mother.


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