HearrtWound – Epizoda 40

HearrtWound – Epizoda 40

Yaman continues his grudge operation. They place a nurse in the. Sancakzades mansion to take care of Adnan Bey. Moreover, the woman they found looks like. Adnan’s ex-girlfriend. Nurse begins to take a close interest in Adnan.

At the company. Azade decides to return to the hotel business. However, he does not want to continue with. Hüseyin, who does not have much money or enthusiasm. While Yaman gets. Azade the idea of doing it themselves, he flatters Sinan. What Azade, who decided arrogantly, and the others do not know. The place where the hotel will be built is a protected area, and there is a historical artifact under it; the first notice is that the construction will be demolished


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