Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 141

Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 141

Esin had gone excessively far on. Hülya, who showed restraint enough to swallow all that was accomplished to her, when it came to her own little girl and her own girl’s honor was defamed, her understanding ran out and she wounded. Hülya in the heart.

So who might have saved. Esin, who passed on before Emre and the emergency clinic? one of the two individuals who need to keep. Esin alive is. Esin’s little girl. Cansu and the other is her assistant Bora. Despite the fact that Bora appears to have given a valiant effort for Esin’s life according to our perspective, Bora might have accomplished beyond what he could by organizing the specialists to show Esin dead and keep him alive; in light of the fact that the best way to save. Zeynep’s mom Hülya is for. Esin not to bite the dust.


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