HearrtWound – Epizoda 30

HearrtWound – Epizoda 30

İhsan talks to a lawyer with whom he has worked before. He asks him to compress a power of attorney among the documents he will take to his brother for signature.

In order for Yadigar Yaman to become more suspicious, Adnan puts the will he had made while he was sleeping in the open nightstand drawer. Yaman is surprised to see the will. He learns that he is his son. Afterwards, Yadigar tells Yaman the truth. He is angry.

Ayşe’s lawyer comes to see her. He says he has a fingerprint on the murder weapon and a witness who saw him at the time of the crime. When. Ayşe admits that she was arguing that she was there, her lawyer says that if they object to the prosecution, it is a long and painful, process and that she may even be sentenced to life. She says that if she confesses to committing it under heavy provocation, her sentence, may be reduced. Megerse lawyer was Hussein’s man


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