Donttoleame – Epizod 130

Donttoleame – Epizod 130

Emre pursues a dangerous plan. With this game, Emre will either lose. Zeynep completely or get rid of. Esin and be happy with the woman he loves for life.

Bora learns from. Esin that Emre is after Pelin and takes action to prevent Pelin from testifying. Zeynep is looking for Emre. The house burned with Zeynep Emre’s love is getting ready to forgive Emre. Zeynep will confront her mother if necessary, but she is determined to follow her love. However, Zeynep, who cannot understand that. Emre is after a game, realizes how many mistakes he has made in trusting Emre once again and vows to remove. Emre from his life forever.

When Tarık and. Sıla say that everything is fine in their love, Meltem and. Sayarlar will learn that. Tarık is married to. Sıla and the apocalypse will almost break out. Cengiz, who believes that Emre is chasing a hostess, will also cause hell when he learns that. Tarık got married without their knowledge, because. Cengiz, who wants Tarık to have a business marriage, accuses Tarık of being irresponsible.


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