HearrtWound – Epizoda 22

HearrtWound – Epizoda 22

Adnan tries to talk to Yaman and find out if he is the one who gave the medicine to Fırtına to kill Ferit. When they realize that it is not him, he and the groom continue to investigate who Ferit’s secret enemy is.

Zeytin, brought home by İhsan, adds excitement and love for children to their relationship with his wife. They bring the boy, who stayed in the mansion for a few days, to safety to find his mother. However, they cannot find the family because even the child’s name will not be Zeytin. The cops take the boy to the love house. İhsan, his wife and children would both be unhappy that the event ended like this and they left.

Ayşe is shy as she has never had a girlfriend and has never been in love before. Ferit is also excited. He asks Ayşe from the forest and proposes marriage. ferrite; He rents Ayşe the cafe that he has always dreamed of. He will be an investor and his wife will also employ him. They get up at night with Ayşe and eat dessert. In the morning, he is exposed to the ridicule of his brother while he paints the picture of the woman. Everyone except Hande is aware of the warmth between the two and is happy with it.


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