Donttoleame – Epizod 122

Donttoleame – Epizod 122

Difficult times continue for. Cengiz in the series. Don’t Let Me Go. Cengiz, who first learned, that the girl he called his bride was a prostitutes, is relieved to hear that all this is a slander, but now the fact that his son. Tarık, whom he avoids in his eyes, is married and married to. Sıla, a peasant girl, causes. Cengiz to collapse once again.

As it is known, when. Tarık was trying to find out how we were married, the divorce case filed by. Sıla fell into the hands of. Aunt Seher, and. Seher still hurried to the village and learned under what conditions. Sıla and Tarık got married. Although Aunt. Seher gives a blank check to both Tarık and Sıla, it will be difficult for Aunt. Seher to hide this fact from Aunt Seher.


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