HearrtWound – Epizoda 10

HearrtWound – Epizoda 10

When Baha calls from the prison, Ferit accidentally picks up the phone. Baha gets suspicious. At the end of the episode, his lawyer comes to Baha. The young man he injured will be tried for 18 years for his death. However, Ayşe, the girl he defends, says that if he says that she is engaged to him, he will be punished less. Baha calls her to talk to her, but is shocked to hear Ayşe’s words to the people in the mansion that she will not leave her husband.

Ayşe, who sees Ferit in the housing with Hande in Iskenderun; she expects she is a toy in this fondness game. As of now he thinks often profoundly about Ferit. While Ferit is considering where Ayşe came from, he similarly questions who Baha he bantered with on the phone is. Ayşe is extreme. She answers in no way shape or form, and she spins out of control that she expects she left him for cash when she has a dear, and came there for cash.

Ayşe and Ferit return to the dissident house. A more prominent fight results when Ayşe needs to drop all that and go. Ayşe throws out what she spent on her. Each one people of the estate are standing. Ferit calms Ayşe somewhere near assisting him with recollecting the understanding. Vedia, who sees their fight, tells Ferit that Hande furnished Ayşe with the photos of them when they were darlings and gives the usb. Ferit gets a handle on a little and smooth


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