Donttoleame – Epizod 110

Donttoleame – Epizod 110

Then again, Esin makes a move to get the pictures from Bora that will place her in prison. Esin, who goes to Bora with the solace of grasping Zeynep, asks her for the pictures. Bora requests Cansu in return for giving the pictures. At the point when Esin and Bora’s deal is finished, something startling occurs. He followed Emre Bora. Emre feels that there is a deal among Esin and Bora and understands that Esin has seized Zeynep.
Cansu is still after the sack brand they found. Cansu, who takes every one of the receipts from the sack store, looks at them individually. Eventually, Cansu sees that her mom, Esin Ateş, likewise took the client receipts from this pack, and she gets an incredible shock. Esin at long last discovers that the guilty party is her mom. Esin has no chance to get out any longer.

Sıla comes to the lodging and discovers that Tarık is in a gathering with clients. Sıla, who shows her marriage declaration, plans to make a heartfelt treat for Tarık to cause her to excuse herself, and she readies the room. Tarık, ignorant about this, goes to the room in the wake of eating Meltem together. Sıla is stunned when she sees Meltem and Tarık coming to the room alone. Despite the fact that Tarık is shocked by the circumstance from the beginning, he responds to Sıla.


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