HearrtWound – Epizod 67

HearrtWound – Epizod 67

Ayşe is not happy when Ferit tells her to go. Ferit is also sad. Moreover, it was taken. Mirza constantly tells Ayşe about Ferit, but the woman does not allow it. Mirza, who went to that city to become a doctor at the hospital, leaves Ayşe for Hande’s trial. Adam makes moves to make Ferit jealous. Ferit tells Ayşe that he has now left her after him.

Betul; He said that he would not tear the divorce papers from Yaman and divorce him; Adnan says he knows he is his son and threatens to say it.

In order to make the two ex-husbands jealous, Mirza purposely takes Ayşe to the place where Ferit eats. At that time, Ferit was with him, whom he knew from school; He has a friend named “Tanem” who returned there for inheritance. Ayle Ferit; Ferit is jealous of Ayşe


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