Mos më Braktis – PROMO Epizod 168

Mos më Braktis – PROMO Epizod 168

While the Sayar family is writhing in pain due to the condition of their father Cengiz, a blow to Emre will come from Bora. Despite all this, Bora continues to implement his grand plan. Bora used Yeliz to attract both Zeynep and Emre. Emre is sure that Yeliz knows the truth. That’s why reaching Yeliz is very important for Emre.

Emre is sure that Esin did all this because his mother did not do such a disservice to Zeynep. Emre encounters a bitter surprise when he solves everything.

On the other hand, Aslan took full control of the company with the documents he received from Sıla. Learning that Aslan is taking over the management of the company, Tarık immediately intervenes and takes a strong stance against Aslan. Aslan, on the other hand, says that he took these documents from Sıla in order to destroy Tarık’s strong stance. Tarık is almost destroyed by what he hears from Aslan.


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