Donttoleame – Epizoda 67

Esin’s camera footage falls into Bora’s hands. In order not to go to jail, Esin takes action to take the camera footage of Bora. Esin receives images from Bora and encounters Hülya while escaping.
On the other hand, Emre learns that the camera records have been, decoded and immediately comes to the hospital to watch. Just then, a fire alarm! is set in the hospital and. Emre cannot watch the footage. Emre thinks that the fire, alarm was? activated by. Bora and takes action to hold Bora accountable. While looking for. Emre Bora, he finds evidence that no one could have guessed, which would prove that. Esin did all the crime. Esin’s job is now, finished. Whatever the inspiration does, this time it will not obscure the evidence.
Emre’s mother, Arzu, accompanies. Zeynep, who is sick, in Emre’s absence. For the first time, Arzu and Zeynep speak without prejudice. Arzu finally believes that Zeynep is innocent by listening to Zeynep. Arzu is now fully convinced, that it is a game! set for. Zeynep and that Esin is the creator of this game.
Although Meltem tries to keep Sıla away from Tarık, Sıla somehow manages to get rid of Meltem. Sıla finds Tarık and tells him why she is staying away from him. Meltem says I told you those bad words because of the promise I made to. Sıla Tarık. While. Sıla hopes that she will sail to happiness with Tarık, Tarık will learn some information about Sıla and will burn all the ships that go to happiness with Sıla.
This Week at Do not leave me
With Esin’s capture in the TV series Don’t Let Me Go, everything will go awry. Esin has done such a job that this time the balance will really change. Sooner or later, the e-mail. Esin sent from. Emre’s computer will come out. From this point, while everyone? is burdened with Esin, Esin will press. Arzu because of a sin years ago.
Bora’s value in Zeynep’s eyes will decrease with the fact that Bora and one of his men are armed and they try to kill Emre with a gun in the series Don’t Let Me Go. Bora can’t stand this situation.
While the love of Tarık and Sıla is going to a dead end, Mehmet’s punishment to Meltem for what he did to Sıla will put everyone at ease. Sıla will give up hope on Tarık. It will be very difficult for Sıla to see the ad for sale in the house she bought for herself, but it will be too late.
Esin’s daughter. Cansu will have a great influence on the emergence of Esin and all the games she has made. Vedat, on the other hand, will hardly sleep after meeting Hülya. After what Esin did, Vedat, who doesn’t even want to see Esin anymore, will want to leave Esin and get closer to Hülya.
Will Hülya be able to call her daughter Zeynep your father, your chief physician years later? What will Zeynep do when she finds out about her real father and mother? Follow the upcoming episodes of the Don’t Leave Me series for all and more.


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