Donttoleame – Epizoda 15

Donttoleame – Epizoda 15

Yeliz takes action for her dark plan. Now Zeynep has begun to suspect and the entrance and exit of the house will no longer be as comfortable as before. It was imperative for Yeliz to make her position at home permanent in the first place.

Meanwhile, Hülya goes to her side to tell. Emre’s mother to get out of the way so that her daughter will not be upset. But Arzu is extremely cynical and accuses him of chasing money. These words of Arzu affect Hülya deeply. Now she realizes that Hülya will never accept Zeynep. Zeynep gave her mother the right in this regard. He thinks that if he insists, on this love, Emre will also be harmed.

Zeynep, who would rather not permit this, chooses to leave Emre. In any case, Emre in no way wants to leave Zeynep with such ease. He made this unmistakable by facing his mom. Zeynep, then again, feels that the best way to say a final farewell to Emre is to estrange her from him. He begins making arrangements to make Emre can’t stand him.


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