Donttoleame – Epizoda 14

Donttoleame – Epizoda 14

Tarık carried Sıla to Ankara and the day he guaranteed his mom, he won’t leave her in Ankara, he will tackle every one of his concerns. He is likewise mindful that Tarık. Sıla comes from a town and, can only with significant effort become acclimated to a major city like. Ankara and its kin. Tarık is harming. Sıla at the present time. He generally attempts to tackle Sıla’s concerns with his cash. How long will Sıla stay at the inn? He urges Sıla to shop at pricey stores, yet Sıla should earn enough to pay the rent with the grant you will give. Despite the fact that he is hitched to. Sıla Tarık, this marriage is definitely not a genuine marriage. Tarık will probably proceed with the marriage until Sıla is agreeable; This representative marriage will end when Sıla figures out how to remain on her own feet.

Tarik’s current, situation is as follows; He is married to. Sıla and engaged to Meltem. As Tarık is with Sıla, he falls in love with Sıla’s beauty and goodwill. Tarık falls in love with Sıla every day and moves away from Meltem. Let’s see when Meltem realizes this. On the other hand, Bekir also intends not to leave Sıla. Bekir will embark on a treacherous plan to get. Sıla back from Tarık. After Bekir’s plan, Tarık and. Sıla’s marriage will be revealed.

Cansu’s just objective is to win Emre’s approval, so she brings. Emre and. Zenyep together to look great for. Emre. With this move, she takes care of a decent distance in drawing nearer. Cansu Emre; Notwithstanding, an extraordinary beginning has begun between. Zeynep and. Emre, and. Cansu is truly awkward, with the present circumstance.


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