Donttoleame – Epizoda 12

Donttoleame – Epizoda 12

Things started to get very complicated! in the series. Do not leave me. In the most difficult! situation, it was left! to Tarık. Tarık thinks that Sıla is hindering his dreams, and he disregards his own future in order for. Sıla to reach his dreams and decides, to get engaged! with Sıla. Sıla’s father agrees to give his daughter to. Tarık because he is richer than. Bekir in every way; In addition, her mother is also a volunteer! for this job in Sıla.

It is. Bekir who will start a new job. Bekir himself falls into the plan he has set up. Bekir’s first move, who covets and slanders. Sıla honor in order to put. Sıla in a difficult situation, fails. When. Bekir receives the news that. Sıla and. Tarık will be engaged, he sets up a very big, and treacherous plan. The aim of. Bekir, who makes a plan with his small? mind, is shedding blood. But what will. Celal Agha do, who knows that his son. Bekir is retarded, and blind?

The real surprise waiting for Tarık will be in Ankara. In Ankara, how will. Tarık explain this engagement and the bride’s event to his fiancee. Meltem in Ankara. Meltem will never accept this marriage, and she will not be able to stand! it even if it is a formality. On the other hand, there is only one thing that. Sıla wants from Tarık, not to let her go.

Emre and Zeynep spend the greatest days of their coexistences. While Zeynep is flying with bliss, Emre is certain that he has found! the lady? of his life. Emre has a pleasant treat for. Zeynep; In any case. Esin, who can say for sure that her little girl. Cansu is enamored with. Emre and needs to acquire the. Sayar family, likewise has an arrangement. With this arrangement, Zeynep can not go out in the city.


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