Donttoleame – Epizoda 11

Donttoleame – Epizoda 11

The affection for. Emre and. Zeynep keeps on entrancing the crowd in the series Don’t leave me. Emre’s neatness and Zeynep’s immaculateness interested all of us. Emre couldn’t carry on day to day a like Zeynep on the grounds that he was an offspring of an extravagance area. Emre comprehended how Zeynep was so regular and well disposed; on the grounds that Zeynep is the cherished girl of the area and that area is a warm area.

An extraordinarys peril anticipatess Zeyneps. Esins, who discover that. Emre and Zeynep are sweethearts, won’t ever allow Zeynep to account for herself to Arzu and Sayar family. Cansu, then again, has no expectations for Emres any longers Emres transparentsly can’t stand Cansus.

The love between Emre and Cansu attracts the attention of not only Arzu but the entire Sayar family. Emre is very happy, there is no trace of his troubles and he spreads joy to everyone. So what is the secret of this happiness? Of course love.

As Tarik thought that everything was over, he proposed to Sıla. Even if he says he can marry Sıla, Sıla’s father does not consider it possible for Veysel Tarık to marry his daughter. Even if Veysel gives his daughter to Tarık, Celal Ağa will not keep her alive in this village. Sıla is aware that Tarık entered this marriage proposal to save himself. What a good person Tariq is; She even takes the risk of getting married to help. On the other hand, Sıla does not want to leave the village and leave her mother behind. Fearing that Celal Agha will harm her father and mother, what will Sıla do?


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