Donttoleame – Epizod 96

Donttoleame – Epizod 96

Emre goes to the wedding with Zeynep’s identity and takes a day. While Emre thinks that everything will be very beautiful, Zeynep reacts very harshly to Emre’s wedding day without her knowledge. Zeynep decides to take a break from her relationship with. Emre because Cengiz doesn’t want to see herself as a bride, and it will be better for everyone, and tries to stay away from Emre, but Emre does not give up on Zeynep.

Esin, on the other hand, decides to sell the same deal to Vedat while waiting for the day when. Emre will keep his word and let him out. With this move, Esin decides to use her card to free Zeynep from prison against Vedat. Esin, on the other hand, has only one wish in return for getting. Zeynep out of prison, so that Vedat does not divorce her.

On the other hand, Bora learns that Emre took the wedding day to marry Zeynep. While Meltem shows. Sıla the photos implying that she is with Tarık and thinks that she has completely ended her love for. Sıla and Tarık, a very big and bad surprise awaits Meltem.

New Weekend. Tips at another week starts in the series. We appear to see joy in Emir and. Zeynep while there is bitterness in. Tarık and Sıla in the success seven day stretch of episode 96 rundown has not been delivered at this point; yet we should impart to you a couple of tips about the series, it will be on our page, first when the synopsis emerges.

The fact that Esin is in prison in the TV series. Don’t Let Me Go makes Vedat brave. Thinking that he got rid of Esin, Vedat opens up to his youth love. Hülya. So, how will Hülya, who has been burning with Vedat’s love for years, respond to this offer of Vedat? Will Zeynep’s parents, whom she, does not know, be reunited years later? Will. Hülya swallow her pride and accept. Vedat’s offer? Or will Hülya not forgive Vedat, who left her pregnant years ago and married Esin?


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