BlckSeea – Pamjet 258

BlckSeea – Pamjet 258

Murat caused problems than he expected in Istanbul and sets out for Trabzon to dispose of it. This difficulty, which he assumed he had made due, will fall into the hearth of the Kaleli Family like a fire.

With a surprising move, Hazan takes her bag and gets comfortable the Tamar’s home, where Tarık and Genco live. With Hazan’s appearance, Melek and Nilüfer understand a game they hadn’t even considered.

Tarık and Mercan, whose wedding arrangements have been finished, are currently searching for a potential chance to meet secretly from everybody.


While Hazan and Ferhat are searching for Melek, the ice between them will begin to dissolve. Melek, who got away from the house, feels that she is racing to her opportunity, yet will this getaway be the start of another imprisonment?

First Nefes and Tahir, then, at that point, Asiye and Mustafa stand at Osman Hodja’s entryway around midnight. At the point when they are totally assembled, the doorbell rings and two additional surprising visitors show up.

This time Tarık and Mercan go to a slope with a view and Tarık lets him know that he has begun the marriage cycle.


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