Donttoleame – Epizod 87

Donttoleame – Epizod 87

Sıla gets Meltem’s reports from the hospital to prove to everyone that Meltem’s game is playing. Meltem, on the hand, hears that Sıla has seized the reports and takes action to stop Sıla, but. Sıla has no intention of stopping. Sıla will tell not only Tarık but also all Sayar family about Meltem’s plays. Meltem, on hand, will make an unexpected move to save herself, when she realizes that the whole game will be revealed.

Esin takes her revenge on Hülya, who stabbed her, by sending her daughter Zeynep, whom she has guarded, to prison. Hülya goes to beg Esin to save her daughter, but Esin’s eyes are full of revenge. Realizing that Esin will not get any results, Hülya goes to the police, again and confesses that she stabbed herself, and although she wants them to put her in jail, not her daughter, the police take into account the statement of the complainant and. Hülya’s efforts are in vain. On the otherhand, Bora takes action to save. Zeynep and throws himself into a big fire. Will Bora complete and close the remaining half calculations with Esin?

Emre has been unsuccessful in his plan, and even though he says that the only reason he mistreated. Zeynep and even got him fired until today is to prove her innocence, Zeynep does not even listen to Emre. For Zeynep, someone named Emre will no longer be in her life. As a last resort, Emre decides to use Yeliz, who is his biggest trump card against Esin. Emre begins his plan to make a big move to Esin. He will also complain about Esin with Emre Yeliz’s confession. Now it’s Esin’s turn to squeeze; He will either withdraw his complaint or go to jail.

Meltem is aware that she cannot attract. Tarık when she is sober; he is even sure that if he convinces. Tarık that they are together, then Tarık will have to leave. Sıla and will have to return to himself. Onthe other`hands, in Sıla, now the sum of the documents of the games, played by. Meltem and now. Tarık is presented with a document; but I don’t think these documents, will mean anything to. Tarik anymore; Even if. Sıla comes with documents, it’s over. Of course, this scenario is what I wrote to you, from the tips I got. But the truth is that. Tarık will fall for. Meltem’s classic evil, woman game and in the end. Sıla will prove that this is also a game of Meltem. So, will. Tarik be able to get out of this issue with a clear forehead? If. Meltem says we are together, Aunt Seher and. Sayar family force. Tarık to marry Meltem.

Esin’s slander against. Zeynep will cause things to get out of hand; because neither. Bora nor. Emre will keep. Zeynep in prison for a crime she did not commit. It is very pleasing that. Esin is not dead; Because if. Hülya enters and. Zeynep enters, she will leave quickly because there is no death. Esin has taken her trump card; She is strong now against both. Emre and Bora, but. Esin’s power will run out quickly.


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