Donttoleame – Epizod 86

Donttoleame – Epizod 86

Sıla is now sure that. Meltem’s suicide is fake. Sıla confronts Tarık and tries to explain it to Tarık, but Tarık blindly believed in Meltem, because he is not aware that. Meltem can plan such a big game. When. Sıla sees that Tarık is slipping away from her hands, she takes action as a last resort to prove. Meltem’s game to Tarık. While Sıla is revealing. Meltem’s play, Mehmet is with her. With the help of Sıla Mehmet, she gets the evidence she wants. It is clear as day that. Meltem arranged the doctor and did not commits suicides. Now it’s time to show Tarik these proofs, but. Tarık has come to another game of Meltem, even if he doesn’t realize it. Meltem is once again the oppressed Sıla will be cruel once again.

The news of. Esin’s death comes to Vedat and Cansu. However, Esin gets rid of Azrael with a last-minute intervention. As soon as Hülya hears of Esin’s death, she cannot bear the pangs of conscience and tells the police that she killed Esin herself. However, the police say that. Esin is not dead, even that the doctor called Zeynep stabbed her and that she is complaining about Zeynep. This game that Esin plays to take revenge on. Hülya will shake the balance and result in a huge surprise that will affect everyone. Zeynep’s going to jail will put Zeynep and Emre’s relationship in a new dead end.


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