Donttoleame – Epizod 81

Donttoleame – Epizod 81

At the point when Zeynep was terminated in Do not leave me, she had an extraordinarys shock. Zeynep, who imagines that. Emre misjudged quality, doesn’t anticipate such a move from Emre, however she is exceptionally, miserable about what befallen, her and figures that an existence with such an unsound, individual won’t pass by giving her mom’s freedoms and attempts to delete the. Emre issue from her psyche. Despite the fact that Zeynep attempts to delete.

Emre from her psyche and fail to remember her, it won’t be simple for Zeynep.
Meltem at last got everything she needed and kept Tarık from saying to his family about Sıla; be that as it may, this game played by Meltem is impermanent; Meltem should track down something extremely durable other than the issue of self destruction; Tarık, then again, delayed acquainting Sıla with his family as his better half on this troublesome day of Meltem. Sıla finds out about Meltem’s circumstance and goes to Meltem. Sıla, who got Meltem when she was cheerful, is certain that. Meltem is after a game once more, however she wants verification to break this game. Cengiz understands that Tarık has eradicated. Meltem from his brain and is thinking about a future, with the young lady, called Sıla; Cengiz makes a move to move Tarık to move away from. Sıla and return to Meltem.


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