Mos më Braktis – Epizod 81 PROMO

Mos më Braktis – Epizod 81 PROMO

When Zeynep was fired in Do not leave me, she experienced a great shock. Zeynep, who thinks what. Emre misunderstood again, does not expect such a move from. Emre, but he is very sad about, what happened to him and thinks, that a life with such an unstable person will not pass by giving his mother’s right and tries to erase the. Emre issue from his mind. Although Zeynep tries to erase. Emre from her mind and forget her, this will not be easy for Zeznep. Meltem finally got what she wanted and prevented. Tarık from telling his family about Sıla; however, this game played by. Meltem is temporary; Meltem must find something, permanent other than the issue of suicide; Tarık, on the other hand, postponed the job of introducing. Sıla to his family as his wife on this difficult day of Meltem. Sıla learns about. Meltem’s situation and goes to Meltem. Sıla, who caught Meltem when she was happy, is sure that. Meltem is after a game again, but she needs proof to break this game. Cengiz realizes that Tarık has erased. Meltem from his mind and is thinking of a future with the girl called. Sıla; Cengiz takes action to get Tarık to get away from Sıla and return to Meltem.
Bora, on the other hand, makes sure that Zeynep got rid of Emre. While Bora Emre thinks that he has solved his problem, he again pursues a game to get closer to Zeynep. Bora’s goal is to regain Zeynep’s lost trust. Esin, on the other hand, thinks she has escaped, from prison, but now it’s time, to bring her, disbanded family together. Esin thinks that Hülya is the only reason for the breakup of her family. Hülya came back after years and made Esin’s happiness.

Esin Hülya will take action with a new plan that will end the issue before it starts. Difficult days await. Hülya; however, Vedat will be by his side in difficult times of Hülya. Every evil that Esin does to. Hülya will create unique opportunities to reunite Hülya and Vedat. Emre finds Yeliz, but now the issue is making Yeliz confess what she did and who made them do it.


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