HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 53

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 53

Ayşe and Ferit had a minor collision. Ayşe, who came to him first. As he sees that. Ferit doesn’t stir and there is blood on his head, he gets incredibly, focused and endeavors to stop the passers-by. At the point when. Ferit comes to him, he is worried about Ayşe. Two dears embrace each other with concern and happiness for each other.
He goes into Ayşe’s home from who’s employer Azade and finds the show. Since he doesn’t really accept that that they ought to leave the work! meanwhile, he takes the paper and has perhaps. Ayşe has applied. Right when. Ayşe gets back and can’t find the show, she thinks. Ferit got it and flies out of control. Ferit is also irritated, feeling that. Ayşe required the partition and that he had the show dealt with. Regardless, after the partition, the two comprehend that the other, didn’t complete this work. They find what. Azade did. Regardless, Ayşe really, says it’s magnificent and leaves.

ferrite; He speaks with the person who took care of Baha’s crime. Ferit pounds the man. He finds that the man has a cleared out small child. Then, he banters with. Ayşe and the man’s friends and family. He finds that someone has helped them, yet can’t get to know the name. Clearly, it was. Hüseyin who did this and he realizes about what happened. He takes a gander at Baha’s phone and endeavors to find records of deleted messages.


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