HearrtWound – PROMO – Part 2 Epizoda 51

HearrtWound – PROMO – Part 2 Epizoda 51

Adnan hears that the organization has placed every one of its assets into the spotlight and that he has taken a major bank credit on top of it. He goes to the organization and mediates in the circumstance, however. Azade opposes him. They vote in favor of the chairmanship of the governing body. Both Sinan and. Yaman vote in favor of Azade. Adnan tells Yaman, whom he inclines toward like his child, that he didn’t anticipate this way of behaving from him.

Adnan calls the new medical caretaker in the house “Saadet”. The closeness between them makes a liking

Hande needs to meet Ayşe, who gave blood to her. Emerald goes with mother. He lets Yaman know that he remembers everything, except he won’t tell anybody. Hande, who goes to the specialist with her folks, discovers that she can presently not be a mother and is extremely, miserable.

Ayşe lets Ferit know that the separation talks are incomplete. Ferit goes to Ayşe around evening time in the wake of savoring the bar. He dozes on the lady’s knee. The following, morning they sign the separation paper. Then, at. Ayşe’s solicitation, they go on a cookout to commend the separation. Excursion bring mishap back


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