HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 73

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 73

Adnan and. Azade over the long haul get isolated. Following searching for two or three days, Adnan. Bey shows up at Yaman. Yaman let him in on that he understood he had a youngster; that he is the motel’s new monetary benefactor; He yells out that it was he who sent Saadet and broke his marriage. He says that he won’t propose back the property and the house that Adnan took over after the partition. Adnan Bey is dazed. As per anything he, he can’t represent himself to his kid.

Henna is made in. Şahin Bey’s home. The not permanently set up to get Ayşe’s kidney for his granddaughter Elif. He expects to hold onto Ayşe, who goes to the beautician for the woman of great importance’s head. Regardless, Mirza intercedes and handles the case without. Ayşe observing. He tells Mr. Şahin that expecting he completes this work like this, Ferit will not surrender the event and that he will end up in prison.

ferrite; comes to Adana with the wedding march. He takes Ayşe, whom he put on Fırtına, and accepts her to the position where their wedding will occur. Close to the completion of the episode, ayFer’s wedding occurs. While everything was well in the wedding entryway, the squashed. Adnan Bey enters and ends up being debilitated and faints.

Ferit had been looking forward to his wedding with. Ayşe for months, and now that the day had finally arrived, he was filled with nervous excitement. He had planned every detail meticulously and was confident that everything would go off without a hitch. With the wedding march playing in the background, Ferit arrived in Adana, ready to claim Ayşe as his bride.

As Ferit approached the wedding venue, he caught a glimpse of Ayşe standing at the entrance, dressed in a stunning white wedding gown. She looked even more, beautiful than he had imagined, and his heart swelled with pride and joy. Ferit took Ayşe by the hand and led her to the place where they would exchange their vows.

The wedding ceremony was perfect. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was a feeling of love and happiness in the air. Ferit and Ayşe exchanged their vows, promising to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Everyone who attended the ceremony, was moved by the sincerity and depth of their love.

But just as the ceremony, was coming to a close, the mood took a sudden turn. Adnan Bey, who had been looking forward to the wedding as much as anyone, entered the venue and immediately, collapsed on the ground. He looked pale and weak, and everyone rushed to his side to offer help.

Ferit was beside himself with worry. He knew how much Adnan Bey had been looking forward to the wedding, and he couldn’t bear to see him in such a state. The rest of the wedding guests rallied around Adnan Bey, doing everything they could to revive him.

As the commotion died down, Ferit and. Ayşe were finally able to sneak away for a moment alone. They embraced each other, grateful for the love and support they had found in each other. They knew that the road ahead would not always be easy, but they were confident that they could face, anything as long as they were together.


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