HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 63

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 63

free; He prepares the video he got from Saadet to show his youngsters. Unlawful love of the past; They talk about the unborn youngster. Adnan squashes the PC, which he comprehends to be a video, and denies it and leaves. Azade expects Adnan, who goes to Saadet. Azade gets Adnan to agree to the detachment course of action he wants and deletes the video on the man’s condition.

Yaman pays his aunt’s credit commitment. Right when the woman hears that Yaman pays, she meets with him and solicitations a record. Yaman clears up for her that he is her aunt.

Ayşe hears from the conversation that she was hurt and that she lost her youngster thusly. He remembers the neighbor woman who came to his entrance. She reviews that Hande had a video talk with someone while she was kicking the container in the clinical center. Ferit moreover takes Hande’s pocket, takes a gander at it, and shows up at the person who hurt his significant other. Ferit finds that Hande did the harmful substance thing.


Ayşe; When she comprehends that Hande murdered her youngster, she takes Azade’s gun and talks with Hande and calls her some spot. Exactly when Ferit comprehends what’s going on, Zümrüt gains from her mother where the two women will meet and goes there. Emerald mother falls earnestly down the means. While Ayşe and Hande are fighting, a shot is heard.


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