HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 54

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 54

At the point when Ferit comes to the house, when he sees Hande in a wedding dress, he can’t play any longer and comes clean that he doesn’t need her and that he is enamored with another person. At the point when he emerges, Bedia lets him know that Hande has a decent memory.
free; Despite the fact that she is crushed when she sees her significant other and Saadet nurture embraced, she claims not to mind. He lets Adnan know that the medical caretaker can remain assuming he considers it significant.

Azade goes to Hande’s home, who left the house as a result of what Ferit said, and left with a terrible circumstance. His child and girl in-regulation are likewise with him. Hussein; When he sees them at his home, Zümrüt can’t stand it any longer and explains to the justification for why Ferit left Hande and didn’t get hitched. Azade is confounded and irate. He acts against Hande. Realizing that Yaman and Hande were kissing and not telling her, she flies off the handle with her significant other and child. He at last understands that he has been out of line to Ferit and Ayşe.

In spite of the fact that Ayşe is stunned by the information and doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do, she calls Ferit on the grounds that she figures she ought to be aware. At the point when she meets Ferit, she illuminates him that she is a month and a half pregnant. Ferit Sancakzade will be extremely blissful. He attempts to eradicate the question marks in the lady’s head and excuse himself.

At the point when Hande goes to Ayşe’s home the following morning, she discovers that the lady is pregnant. They battle. Hande spreads the cologne in the house. At the point when Ayşe needs to stop him, he pushes her. Ayşe blacks out. She is attached to the seat when she begins to act normally again. Hande burns down the house.


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