HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizoda 46

HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizoda 46

Free. Despite how she is crushed, when she sees her, perfect partner and. Saadet support embraced, she announces not to mind. He lets Adnan know that the clinical gatekeeper can remain expecting he considers it basic.

Azade goes to. Hande’s home, who left the bequest thinking about what. Ferit said, and left with an unpleasant circumstance. His child and young woman in-rule are moreover with him. Hussein; When he sees them at his home. Zümrüt can’t stand it any longer and clears up for the protection for why. Ferit left. Hande and didn’t get hitched.

Azade is bewildered! and irate. He acts against Hande. Knowing that. Yaman and. Hande were kissing and not telling her, she detonates with her soul mate and youngster. He at long last understands that he has been unjustifiable to Ferit and Ayşe.


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