HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizod 71

HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizod 71

Azade, who cannot learn from Hüseyin that he is Adnan’s 3rd son, comes to the mansion and treats Bedia and Zeytin harshly. The unexpected arrival of Azade shakes up the mansion, and tensions start to rise. Everyone is on edge, and nobody knows how to handle Azade’s behavior. His cold and ruthless mannerisms leave everyone feeling uncomfortable, especially. Bedia and Zeytin.

As time passes, Olive, Zeytin’s son, disappears from the mansion. Everyone panics, and they immediately go to the police for help. When Yaman, Adnan’s nephew, hears about the situation, he rushes to the police station to find out more information. While he’s there, he remembers a conversation he had with. Zeytin about his circumcision. Yaman decides to go to the mansion to look for Zeytin.

When he arrives, he searches the entire mansion but can’t seem to find Zeytin. After hours of searching, he discovers Zeytin hiding in one of the mansion’s rooms. Yaman takes Zeytin back to his mother, and everyone is relieved that he is safe.

Bedia decides to leave the mansion after the traumatic incident. Ayşe, a close friend of Bedia, invites her to come to Adana to stay with her. Bedia accepts the invitation and stays with. Ayşe for a while to recover from the trauma.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Azade’s true identity remains a mystery. He continues to act cold and unapproachable, leaving everyone in the mansion feeling uneasy. Bedia and Zeytin, who were already struggling with their own problems, must now deal with the added stress of Azade’s presence.

As time passes, the people in the mansion begin to realize that they must confront Azade about his behavior. They schedule a meeting with him and discuss their concerns. After hearing their grievances, Azade begins to open up about his past and the reasons for his behavior.

Azade explains that he grew up in a poor family and was always struggling to make ends meet. He felt like nobody understood him and was constantly ridiculed by those around him. Azade felt like he had to put on a tough exterior to protect himself from the harsh world around him.

After hearing Azade’s story, the people in the mansion begin to sympathize with him. They understand that he’s been through a lot and that his behavior wasn’t personal. They forgive him for his harsh words and welcome him back into the mansion with open arms.

In conclusion, the unexpected arrival of. Azade shakes up the mansion and leaves everyone feeling uneasy. However, after a traumatic incident, the people in the mansion realize that they must confront. Azade about his behavior. They schedule a meeting and hear his story, which helps them to understand and forgive him. This experience teaches everyone in the mansion to be more compassionate and empathetic towards those around them.


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