HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizod 64

HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizod 64

Hande calls Yaman once more. At the point when I say that he is harmed, the man comes right away. He says that Ayşe shot him. While Yaman is seeking clarification on some things, he surmises that Hande is with him and discovers that he killed their child from Ferit, who called him. To legitimize herself, Hande takes advantage of sentiments by saying that she won’t have a child.

Yet again hande allures Yaman. At the point when Yaman gets back, he lets Betül know that he can’t abandon Hande and needs to separate from her all things being equal. Betül follows Yaman the following day, realizes where she concealed Hande, and illuminates Ferit. Ferit quickly goes there and takes Hande to the police headquarters.


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