HearrtWound – Epizoda 38

HearrtWound – Epizoda 38

Hande; that her father and the lawyer who presided over. Ayşe’s court had spoken. He heard that her father had arranged for the girl to base the murder. Hande gives Ferit candid pictures of Baha and. Ayşe taken together. There are even pictures when they got engaged. Ferit is very upset. Ayşe again denies it when Ferit shows the pictures at the lawyer’s meeting.

While Adnan is at home. Azade goes to the company to be president. He convenes the general assembly and says that he will be the chairman from now on.

Yaman says that İhsan has withdrawn money from the account with the power of attorney from his brother. Ferit doesn’t believe it. The fight about divorcing Ayşe, who has been staying home with her mother, and going after her, is also brought to this subject in the company. When Hande and. Yaman do not tell about the issue. Azade concludes that Ferit is obsessed. When he threatens to sack. Ferit from his duties at the company, his son quits the job. Egregious. Sends İhsan’s smuggling video to Azade


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