HearrtWound – Epizoda 37

HearrtWound – Epizoda 37

Ignoring the way that. Ferit doesn’t exonerate. Ayşe, not totally settled to go most likely as a legal educator and save her. She referenced the young lady’s, blood to be endeavored. She needs to show, that he was made it lights-out time. At any rate, her vulnerability disturbs Ayşe. Ferit requests that Ayşe give his full genuine power so he can be his attorney.

In the jail, they begin to seek after Ayşe. Ayşe swoons
Following hearing from. Yadigar near the finishing of the last episode. Yaman is enraged and disturbed that he is a. Sancakzade at any rate that he has been pushed around to such an extent. In the underlying section of the day, the artifact goes to the energetic, individual and takes him to the grave of his mom, Feraye. It relates the record of Adnan and Feraye. Yaman responsibilities of counter ader


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