HearrtWound – Epizoda 26

HearrtWound – Epizoda 26

Ferit stays away from Ayşe until he peruses this assertion, however at that point he is certain that Baha is coming clean. He makes sense of for everybody that their marriage with Ayşe, who gets ready dinners for him, is a game. Everybody is shocked. Ayşe, then again, feels double-crossed. Particularly after the night they turned out to be genuine a couple, it would obliterate him to do this. She leaves the manor, she. She cries the entire night in the parks. He calls Ferit, however the man doesn’t get. The following morning, he shows up before him where he does sports and inquires as to why he changed what occurred. Ferit determines what he heard from Baha. Ayşe additionally comes clean, however Ferit doesn’t trust her and abandons his significant other.

Azade is happy that she was correct about Ayşe, yet she is disturbed that her child is vexed. She contends with her better half about his special lady and labor. Azade furiously chooses to split the divides in the organization among his relatives. At the point when Ayşe goes to get her effects from the house, she expresses farewell to everybody.


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